Outdoor yoga can provide beneficial stress management and exercise

A great way to enhance your usual yoga routine is by heading into the great outdoors. Exercising outside can improve the effectiveness of your relaxation techniques and stress management, boosting your body, mind and spirit. Here are some reasons why outdoor yoga can be great for your fitness goals.

Comfortable surroundings
If you really want to be successful with your yoga session, it's important to practice in an environment that puts you at ease. Because of this, the natural appeal and comfort of Mother Nature should help you get into the mood for beneficial yoga healing exercises.

Plenty of fresh air
Yoga exercises and meditation techniques require you to control your respiration, fluctuating between various deep breathing techniques. To improve the effectiveness of your breathing, there's no better place to head than where there's plenty of fresh air.

Peace and quiet
Sometimes you just need to get away from it all to truly enjoy your yoga session. If you find it difficult to focus with music playing in a crowded yoga studio or kids screaming in your home, going into your backyard or a local public park can provide you an escape.

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