Three relaxation techniques perfect for the holiday season

The holiday season can be a particularly fun and enjoyable time of year, allowing you to share delicious meals and exchange gifts with your family and friends. However, the build up to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year's Eve can also be stressful. Here are a few relaxation techniques to help you make it to January.

Get some sleep
It's not surprising that planning for the holidays can be tiring, which is why getting a restful eight hours of sleep every night is essential to your health. Not only will this help you keep your energy levels up, but a good night's sleep can make it easier to manage feelings of stress and anxiety.

Practice meditation
Yoga relaxation techniques such as meditation can be particularly beneficial around the holidays. Learning how to control your breathing, develop a personal mantra and push distracting thoughts from your mind will help you focus on the important things without having stress weigh you down.

Go exercise
Keeping up with regular physical activity does more than burn calories, it can also put you in a good mood. Exercising prompts the release of hormones in the brain that trigger positive moods and emotions, so make sure you do some yoga or go for a run at least three or four times a week.


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