Three relaxation techniques to consider at work

Let's face it – working 9 to 5 can be a stressful experience, and many people find themselves stuck in the workplace for longer hours than these. Between projects, dealing with clients and attending meetings, the pressure can really begin to build up. Here are a few relaxation techniques to help you make it through the day.

Take a full lunch
Many businesses offer a 45-minute or hour-long lunch break, but employees often cut their meal short by running out quickly or eating at their desks. However, taking a full lunch break can be a great way to relax and unwind during a hectic day. When you're done, you can come back to your work feeling refreshed and ready for anything.

Go for a walk
If you've got some downtime in between projects, you might want to think about taking a quick walk to clear your head. Consider exploring new parts of your city or strolling through a local park. The fresh air and exercise will help you with stress management.

Meditate in your office
Employees with their own offices might want to consider taking 10 or 15 minutes out of their day to meditate. Simply enjoying the quiet rhythm of deep breathing exercises can put you at ease, help you focus and push distracting thoughts from your mind.

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