Instructor who found solace through yoga introduces the exercise to teens

Many people think of yoga as an exercise that is unique to adults. In recent years, however, the meditative practice has grown more popular among children and teenagers.

For example, a Texas school district has begun offering classes to high school students to support their well-being and personal development, according to the Monitor, a McAllen, Texas, publication. Anna Chavarria, the instructor, said that the opportunity allows kids to experience benefits such as better health, stress relief and improved mindfulness.

“Our focus and objective is to have a hands-on activity for the students, for it not to look like a regular classroom,” said Rose Solis, another instructor, quoted by the news source. “I’ve always loved physical things that are non-competitive.”

Placing herself in the shoes of the students, she decided to help introduce yoga to young practitioners as an alternative to stressful, pressure-filled school sports. Solis began the exercise in earnest after the death of her mother, and she said that the calming technique allowed her to avoid depression and find inner peace.

This may be the reason why Dahn Yoga news tends to glow with praise. This form of meditation is being used to help teenagers across the country achieve mindfulness, tranquility and personal development.


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